Dec 042013

Spriger 刚刚出版了三卷本的 “Geometric Trilogy: Axiomatic, Algebraic and Differential Approaches to Geometry“, 作者 Francis Borceux.

Geometric Trilogy

Geometric Trilogy

这三本书的合集厚达 \(1400\) 页. The Trilogy intends to introduce the reader to the multiple complementary aspects of geometry, paying attention to the historical birth and growth of the ideas and results, and concluding with a contemporary presentation of the various topics considered.


  • Focuses on historical aspects;
  • Supports contemporary approaches of the three aspects of axiomatic geometry: Euclidean, non-Euclidean and projective;
  • Includes full solutions to all famous historical problems of classical geometry and hundreds of figures.

An Axiomatic Approach to Geometry

An Algebraic Approach to Geometry

Unified treatment of the various algebraic approaches of geometric spaces; Provides a full treatment, perfectly accessible at a bachelor level, of all algebraic ingredients necessary to develop all the major aspects of  the theory of algebraic curves.

A Differential Approach to Geometry

Pays particular attention to historical development and preliminary approaches that support the contemporary geometrical notions; Links classical surface theory in the three dimensional real space to modern Riemannian geometry.

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