Jul 152014

今天重看 “肖申克的救赎(The Shawshank Redemption)”, 在 1:55:45-1:55:50 有这么一段台词:

“Geology is the study of pressure and time. That’s all it takes, really. Pressure … and time.”
“That and a big goddamn poster.”

这段话把 “Pressure and time” 单独取出来, 人生何尝不是!

肖申克的案子如果发生在今天的美国, 会怎么宣判? 虽然, 情理上凶手应该是安迪. 但, 毕竟没有直接证据证明安迪杀人了, 只是屋子外有脚印, 酒瓶有指纹.

一个网友的看法是: 如果一连串的证据表明当时只有他有作案条件和动机, 应该还是判有罪的.

突然想起今年是肖申克的救赎的二十周年, 应该写个记.

下面的一段摘自纽约时报中文网 9 月 10 的文章”重走肖申克之路,消费救赎”

该电影改编自史蒂芬·金(Stephen King)1982 年的一篇短篇小说. 可是, 之所以能引起如此强烈的共鸣, 并不仅仅是因为它总在播放. “看了”肖申克的救赎”, 我们深感幸运, 因为我们仍然生活于一个真实而有力的地方.” 运动网(Deadspin)的电影评论作家威尔·雷奇(Will Leitch)如此解释这个故事为何如此强大. “我们把自己想像成安迪·杜弗伦, 希望像他那样顽强. 我们的日常斗争远远不如他那样难以承受, 他却依然选择了活下去, 逃出生天——求生的渴望就是这样普遍而永恒.” But the film, based on a 1982 Stephen King short story, doesn’t just resonate because it’s always on. ” ‘Shawshank’ flatters us while still residing in a real, powerful place,” is how Will Leitch, who reviews movies for the sports site Deadspin, explains the story’s staying power. “We imagine ourselves as Andy Dufresne and want to believe we would be as strong as he was. Our daily struggles aren’t nearly as overpowering as his, but he still chooses to live, to survive — that feeling of needing to live that’s universal, and timeless.”

  1. BILL SCHULZ, 重走肖申克之路, 消费救赎, Visiting ‘Shawshank’ Sites, 20 Years Later, 纽约时报中文网, 2014. 9, 10
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