Feb 072014
Open Problems in Mathematics

Open Problems in Mathematics

Open Problems in Mathematics 是一个新创办的期刊(journal), 官网是 Open Problems in Mathematics

杂志的定位(Focus and Scope)

Open Problems in Mathematics is a depository for significant open problems in mathematics. The articles are limited to four pages, must be focused on an open problem or multiple open problems, and should focus on problems that have been open for at least 3 years. A sponsor (an expert in the field) must certify that the problem is likely to inspire valuable research, in his or her opinion.


本期刊的目的是集中数学中的重要的未解决的问题. 文章最多只能有 4 页, 必须是专注于介绍一个或数个未解决的, 并且已经公开至少 3 年的问题. 专家必须说明, 以他的看法, 这个未解决的问题可能带来有价值的研究成果.

Open Access

期刊是开放存取(Open Access), 任何人可以随时阅读该期刊最新的文章.

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