Nov 212012

Gang Tian(田刚) has just uploaded to the arXiv his paper “K-stability and Kähler-Einstein metrics“(Nov 20, 2012). The motivation of this paper is:
“In this paper, we prove that if a Fano manifold \(M\) is K-stable, then it admits a Kähler-Einstein metrics. It affirms a folklore conjecture. Our result and its outlined proof were lectured on Oct. 25 of 2012 during the Blainefest at Stony Brook University.”

在此之前一天(Nov 19), Xiu-Xiong Chen(陈秀雄), Simon Donaldson, Song Sun(孙松)已经上传了证明的第一部分”Kähler-Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds, I: approximation of metrics with cone singularities“. 这是其三篇论文的第一篇. 这一系列文章将完成整个证明:
“This is the first of a series of three papers which provide proofs of results announced recently in arXiv:1210.7494.”

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