May 252014

Springer 刚出了一本”授业解惑”, 给大众论述数学当前热点的书 “A Mathematical Odyssey: Journey from the Real to the Complex“.

A Mathematical Odyssey-Journey from the Real to the Complex

A Mathematical Odyssey-Journey from the Real to the Complex


Mathematics is both an art and a science. It is a science because it provides a panoply of analytic tools for understanding the world around us. It is an art because it is elegant and beautiful.

哇, 确实非常有吸引力! 还是按照前言的说法, “One of the main purposes of this book is to provide the uninitiated reader with some insights into modern mathematics”.

作者带领读者探险在数学的最前沿, 领略数学的美! 章节主题深不可测, 变化莫测! 从四色问题, Ramsey 理论, 动力系统, the Plateau Problem, 非欧几何, 相对论, P/NP 问题, Fermat’s last theorem, Ricci Flow and the Poincar´e Conjecture, 到获得诺贝尔经济学奖的工作 Black–Scholes theory, 这些个 hot-button 都被作者信手拈来.


  • Explores several hot-button topics that are difficult to find elsewhere in popular literature
  • Contains thirteen chapters intended to intrigue a broad audience of readers, on subjects such as RSA encryption, wavelets, and relativity theory
  • Makes math accessible with real-word examples, color figures, tables, graphs, and diagram analysis that almost any reader can appreciate and understand
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