Mar 252015

Wednesday March 25th 2015

The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters will award the 2015 Abel Prize to John F. Nash Jr. (left), Princeton University, and Louis Nirenberg (right), Courant Institute, New York University, “for striking and seminal contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to geometric analysis.”

Although Nash and Nirenberg did not formally collaborate on any papers, they influenced each other greatly. The Abel committee writes: “Their breakthroughs have developed into versatile and robust techniques that have become essential tools for the study of nonlinear partial differential equations. Their impact can be felt in all branches of the theory.” Read more about the laureates and their work.

“On behalf of the American Mathematical Society, it is a great pleasure to congratulate John F. Nash, Jr. and Louis Nirenberg, recipients of the 2015 Abel Prize.  Dr. Nash’s work in extending our understanding of game theory, partial differential equations, and analytic geometry has been an inspiration to mathematicians and economists everywhere, and Professor Nirenberg’s unparallelled leadership in analysis has revolutionized our understanding of the power of analytical methods.  Their foundational works continue to profoundly influence research in mathematics and economics, to the lasting benefit of us all,” writes Robert Bryant, AMS President.

Nash has received the Nobel Prize in Economics (1994), the John von Neumann Theory Prize (1978) and the AMS Steele Prize for Seminal Contribution to Research (1999). Nirenberg has received the AMS Bôcher Memorial Prize (1959), the inaugural Crafoord Prize (1982), the AMS Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement(1994), the first Chern Medal for lifetime achievement (2010), and–along with Luis A. Caffarelli and Robert Kohn—the AMS  Steele Prize for Seminal Contribution to Research (2014).

Mar 272014

Yakov G. Sinai, Princeton University and the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, is being awarded the 2014 Abel Prize “for his fundamental contributions to dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics.” Sinai received the AMS Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement in 2013 and is a Fellow of the AMS.

The Abel Prize Committee cites Sinai’s discovery of surprising connections between order and chaos and his development of the use of probability and measure theory in the study of dynamical systems. The citation continues: “His achievements include seminal works in ergodic theory, which studies the tendency of a system to explore all of its available states according to certain time statistics; and statistical mechanics, which explores the behavior of systems composed of a very large number of particles, such as molecules in a gas… Sinai has trained and influenced a generation of leading specialists in his research fields.” Among his other awards are the Wolf Prize in Mathematics (1997), the Nemmers Prize in Mathematics (2002), the Henri Poincaré Prize from the International Association of Mathematical Physics (2009), and the Dobrushin International Prize from the Institute of Information Transmission of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2009).

On behalf of the American Mathematical Society, it is a great pleasure to congratulate Yakov Sinai of Princeton University and the Landau Institute, recipient of the 2014 Abel Prize. Sinai’s work has changed our understanding of change; his influence can be seen from number theory to physics. Congratulations!
David Vogan, AMS President

The Abel Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and recognizes contributions of extraordinary depth and influence to the mathematical sciences. Awarded annually since 2003, the prize carries a cash award of NOK 6,000,000 (approximately one million US). Sinai will receive the prize at an award ceremony in Oslo on May 20. Read more about Yakov Sinai, his achievements, and the Abel Prize.

挪威科学与文学院 26 日宣布, 2014年度阿贝尔奖(Abel) 授予俄罗斯数学家雅科夫·西奈(Yakov G. Sinai), 授奖理由是“在动力系统、遍历性理论以及数学物理学方面所作出的卓越贡献”. 奖金约100万美元.

雅科夫·西奈1935年9月21日出生于莫斯科, 父母均是微生物学家. 他是俄罗斯科学院院士, 美国科学院院士, 美国艺术与科学学院院士. 他被认为是 20 世纪最具影响力的数学家之一, 曾获得沃尔夫奖, 狄拉克奖等.

Jan 222014

Springer 刚刚推出了 2010 年出版的 “The Abel Prize 2003–2007” 的续集 “The Abel Prize 2008–2012“.

The Abel Prize 2008-2012

The Abel Prize 2008-2012

Covering the years 2008-2012, this book profiles the life and work of recent winners of the Abel Prize: John G. Thompson and Jacques Tits, 2008; Mikhail Gromov, 2009; John T. Tate Jr., 2010; John W. Milnor, 2011; Endre Szemerédi, 2012.

The profiles feature autobiographical information as well as a description of each mathematician’s work. In addition, each profile contains a complete bibliography, a curriculum vitae, as well as photos — old and new. As an added feature, interviews with the Laureates can be streamed from the Abel Prize web site.

The book also presents a  history of the Abel Prize written by the historian Kim Helsvig, and includes a facsimile of a letter from Niels Henrik Abel, which is transcribed, translated into English, and placed into historical perspective by Christian Skau.

Mar 262013

今年的 Abel Prize 授予 Pierre Deligne.  Timothy Gowers, 1998 年的 Field Medal 得主, 写了一篇文章来介绍 Pierre Deligne 的工作. 这已经是 Timothy Gowers 连续第三次做这件事情了: 他 2012年介绍了 Endre Szemerédi 的工作, 2011年为 John Milnor 写了长文.

有一个数学家用 sowa 这个 ID 在 T. Gowers 的博客, 宣布今年的 Abel Prize 得主是 Pierre Deligne 的文章, 质疑 Abel Prize:

  1. 应该解释为什么选择 T. Gowers 连续三年来写得奖人工作介绍. T. Gowers 的数学知识是否可以承担这项光荣的职责?
  2. (有人向 sowa 透漏)Norwegian Academy 希望把奖授予那些会接受奖项, 会亲临现场并与国王交谈的候选人. 于是有些数学家就被排除了, 比如 H. Cartan, A. Grothendick. H. Cartan 因为年事太高, 不能亲临领奖(当然, H. Cartan 现在已经过世); A. Grothendick 肯定也不会亲临, 甚至会拒绝这个奖.
  3. 去年应该把奖颁给 W. Thurston. W. Thurston 是历史上最好的数学家之一. 去年, 他的病已经很严重了. 把 Abel Prize 授予他, “to do something good for a dying person”.
  4. 没有授奖给 H. Cartan, I.M. Gelfand 和  W. Thurston 这样伟大的数学家是不可原谅的.
  5. 2012 年的得主 Endre Szemerédi 是否能与 Milnor和 Deligne 相提并论?
  6. 组合数学的重要性是否与代数几何一样?

这个论战正在进行.  参与讨论的人包括 T. Gowers 和 Terry Tao.